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Totally Enclosed Membrane Bioreactor: Dubai Sports City


Employer: Dubai Sports City at Dubailand
Consultant: Clifton Coney Group / Hyder Consulting
Capacity: 25000 m3/day
Contract Type and Duration:     
Design build and operation and maintenance for 12 years.‎


Dubai Sports City MBR Plant- Completely enclosed in a building


The sewage treatment plant (STP) is completely enclosed within a building, blending in with the surroundings at Dubai Sports City. The housing, coupled with top-quality odor control and treatment, ensures no odor emission and consequently negligible environmental nuisance. The incredibly small footprint of 40m by 1000m houses the entire process plant.

Preliminary Treatment: The raw sewage first undergoes 6 mm coarse screening, grit and grease removal and 1 mm fine screening.

Secondary and Tertiary Treatment: The pretreated wastewater is subject to secondary treatment within the membrane bioreactor (MBR). The wastewater is treated biologically within an anoxic-oxic-anoxic zone. Subsequently, the wastewater is filtered through an immersed hollow fibre ultrafiltration (UF) system. A portion (10%) of the treated MBR water is further treated within a reverse osmosis (RO) system generating drinking water quality; the balance is recycled within the development for irrigation use. This reuse water can meet the following standards: WHO standards for unlimited irrigation, International Maritime Organization bacteriological limits, EU bathing Water Directive and California Title 22 Code of Regulations. Both UF and RO products are chlorinated.

Sludge Treatment: Solid waste from the plant is also minimized through the plant design and operating features. The sewage sludge is treated for pathogen removal and volatile solids destruction within an aerobic sludge digester. Next it undergoes sludge dewatering via centrifugation giving a high grade biosolid product which can be re-used for various purposes e.g. landscaping.


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