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Open Top Membrane Bioreactor: Dubai Motor City

Employer: Union Properties
Consultant: EDARA/Burt Hill/ lnternational/WS Atkins
Capacity: 8000 m3/day
Contract Type and Duration: Design build and operation and maintenance for 5 years.‎


Preliminary Treatment


The sewage treatment plant (STP) is open top and architecturally complements the setting at the Dubai Motor City development.

Odour Control: The plant has three levels of odor control: (1) hydrogen sulphide gas formation suppression, (2) odor treatment via activated carbon and (3) proper ventilation. This ensures no odor emission from the lifting station and sludge treatment facility and consequently zero environmental nuisance to the surrounding environment.

Wastewater Treatment: The raw wastewater undergoes preliminary treatment within a 6 mm coarse screen, grit and grease removal system and 1mm fine screen. Then, within the membrane bioreactor (MBR) it is subject to secondary treatment. For complete nitrification and denitrification, the wastewater is treated within an anoxic zone, followed by an oxic zone. Next, the biologically treated wastewater is filtered through a hollow fibre ultrafiltration (UF) system. The high grade chlorinated product is recycled within the development for irrigation purposes. This reuse water has a superior effluent quality compared to standard treatment systems especially pertaining to suspended solids and bacteria removal.

Sludge Treatment: Solid waste is minimized from the plant through digestion within system due to the long solids retention times. The sewage sludge is treated for pathogen removal and volatile solids destruction within an aerobic sludge digester. Next it is subject to sludge dewatering via centrifugation. The biosolids are suitable for safe recycling onto land applications.


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