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Temporary Membrane Bioreactor: Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (Dubiotech), Dubai Studio City, International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)


Employer: Tecom Investments
Consultant: AAW Consulting Engineers
Capacity: Dubai Studio City: 1300 m3/day, Dubiotech: 2000 m3/day, IMPZ: 2000 m3/day
Contract Type and Duration:     
Design build and operation and maintenance for 5 years.‎


Dubai Studio City and Dubiotech


The three temporary modular membrane bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment plants (STP) collectively treat 7300 m3/day of raw sewage and are located in three separate sites. The Dubai Studio City STP consists of two stream: 500 m3/day and 800 m3/day . The Dubiotech STP is split into four m3/day modules. The IMPZ sewage is diverted to four 500 m3/day modules. Each module is divided into anoxic and aerobic/membrane filtration zones. This sequence removed carbonaceous organic matter and nitrogen. The sludge from the three plants is removed by tankers and treated at an alternative site.


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