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Underground Storm Water. and Irrigation Storage Tanks: Meydan, Nad Al Sheba Race Course

Contractor: Eagle‎ ‎Electromechanical‎ ‎co‎.‎‎ ‎L‎.‎L‎.‎C‎.‎‎
Client: Meydan
Consultant: TAK
Scope: 3 nos. Underground WaterTanks
Project Period: 6months
Capacity: 33,556 m3 Storage Volume

Water Storage Reservoir at Meydan during Construction &..in the Final Form

At the Nad Al Sheba Race Course, in Dubai, Eagle Electromechanical CO. L.L.C. has build storm water&. irrigation tanks. A single storm water tank of a 18,780 m3 capacity&. two irrigation tanks each with a volume of7,388 m3 are buried underground. The first irrigation tank is located at a distance of 800 m away from the second irrigation tank&. the storm water tank. The latter two tanks are situated near each other. A control room is associated with both irrigation tanks&. the storm water tank. A substation &.a LV room are connected to the storm water tank&.the second irrigation tank. All three tanks have a dedicated pump room&.valve chambers.

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