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Mep Contractor:   Eagle Electromechanical Co.LLC                      
Main Contractor:   Tristar Engineering And Construction.LLC                        
Client  :   Expo Dubai 2020 LLC.Co
Project Management Consultant :   Ch2mmace
Supervision Consultant:   Parson Overseas LTD                                      





The Sewage Lifting Station mainly consists of Wet well, Valve chambers, Flow Meter Chamber, Dual Stage Odour Control System, Surge Protection System, Lifting, and MCC Room etc.


The Sewage Pumping Station was designed and constructed to receive sewage from all nearby Sewage Collection Chambers, Sewage will transferred to Wet Well by gravity transfer (pipes that are sloped so that a liquid can flow in one direction under gravity) Sewage is fed into and stored in an underground pit, commonly known as a wet well. The well is equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of sewage present. When the sewage level rises to a predetermined point, a pump will be started to lift the sewage upward through a pressurized pipe system called a sewer force main if the sewage is transported some significant distance. Then Submersible Pumps will be used to pump the sewage to the Main Station for the further process.


This Project includes Sewage Lifting Stations with 4 Submersible Pumps (3Duty/1Standby) of capacities 154L/Sec at 40M head.


All the pipes & fittings in the wet well and Valve Chambers are GRP. Surge Protection System is provided for the station to balance the negative pressure development and Dual Stage Odour Control System to prevent the leakage of poisonous gas to atmosphere.

The Instrumentation, and control system is provided for unmanned Automatic operation, protection, and control of the Pump station. For the Automatic control of the pump station, a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) is provided and for Remote Controlling a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is provided. Sewage Water Level in Wet well is monitored by hydrostatic level Transmitters and float switches, the water flow is monitored by Electromagnetic Flow Meters.


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