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  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Eagle has no limits of implementation of sewage treatment plant technologies, offering flexible and tailored solutions to meet the Client's requirements for new systems, upgrades and retrofits, including sweet water production for distinct cooling reuse applications. The plants are open top or enclosed in a building, above ground or underground, temporary or permanent; Eagle is ready to deliver. The conventional systems designed include activated sludge, extended aeration, anaerobic-anoxic-oxic processes (and alternatives) and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) including numerous in-house modifications to meet effluent requirements cost effectively. In the field of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment plants, the company has 81,800 m3/day of wastewater treatment capacity.

    The group was awarded ninety seven (97) wastewater treatment plants, which were awarded by both the public and private sectors. These plants have a range of treatment capacities, starting from 10 m3/day up to 44,000 m3/day, which is an extended aeration plant in Jezan, Saudi Arabia. The group's total wastewater treatment capacity in caters for 228 000 m3/day.

    MBR Experience

    The membrane bioreactor is a hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology which offers several advantages including lower footprint (eliminating the clarifiers and a smaller aerationtank) and superior effluent quality due to its small filtration pore size. The group  has built 81,800 m3/day of sewage capacity with the MBR technology with seventeen (17) plants. This translates to eleven (11) online MBR plants in the United Arab Emirates. The design capacities range from multiple 500 m3/day and 750 m3/day modular temporary packages in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi (the first major hydrocarbon-producing economy inthe world) and Dubai Studio City,a 8,ooo m3/day open-top plant at Dubai Motor City to a completely enclosed 25,000 m3/day plant at Dubai Sports City, which is one of the largest operating plants in the Middle East.


    In2012, the company constructed thefirst MBR package of 500 m3/day in Al Baha City - in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This was followed by a second package project of 1500 m3/day capacity in Sabya City Jazan- KSA. In 2014 the company was awarded the 12,500 m3/day Buljarshi MBR. All these KSA project are for the Ministry of Water and Electricity. Another first was the1400 m3/day Raihan MBR package plant in Palestine for the Palestine Investment Fund. This was fo llowed by another larger 2000 m3/day MBR plant for the Ramallah Municipality in Palestine; all of these plants are under Eagle's operation.


    The company is responsive to the growing wastewater re-use demands and increasingly stringent Regulatory Standards Inine with the regions move towards maximizing water reuse, it has integrated hollow fiber membranes into a mobile package unit, whichh can be used to treat typical domestic sewage, generating a superior water product that can be implemented in various water re-use schemes, cost effectively.




  • Utilities

    Eagle/Al Hijaz has successfully carried out all kinds of pumping stations for varied applications, such as:

    • Drinkin Water
    • Sewage
    • Storm Water
    • Irrigation Water,
    • Combination of Fire-Fighting and Irrigation.

    One of the major pumping stations executed by Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment in Dubai is the C419 Maddam-Hatta pumping station, which is the main DEWA water transfer pumping station which moves water from Dubai all the way to Hatta; it has a capacity to pump 60 million gallons/day. Moreover, the Sharjah Municipality awarded Eagle Electromechanical the 3A pumping station, which is one of the central pumping stations for their sewerage system spamming all over the city, having a pumping capacity of 2000 Lis. In Abu Dhabi, Eagle was awarded the main Saadiyat Island potable water pumping station (for ADWEA) with 2555 L/s capacity along with three (3) underground water reservoirs of a total capacity of 111540 m3. The client was the Tourism Development and Investment Authority and the main contractor was Leighton Contracting.

    Overall, the group has completed one hundred and thirty five (135) utilities of varied capacities, from small-scale lifting stations to large pumping stations mentioned above.


  • Electromechanical Works

    The group has executed a close to one hundred (100) electromechanical (MEP) jobs for multi-storey buildings and towers (commercial and residential), industrial facilities, luxurious and semi-Luxurious villas, hotels, schools etc. The MEP jobs include:

    • Plumbing & Fire Fighting
    • Air-Conditioning and ventilation
    • Electrical and Fire Alarm

    A few examples of MEP projects in Dubai alone include:

    • Shoreline Apartments
    • Discovery Gardens
    • International City
    • Palm Island and
    • Jumeirah Island Villas.
  • Operation and Maintenance Services

    What started as a period of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) as a part of the contract for some plants in the 1990's grew into a separate self-sufficient and highly successful division. Eagle's O&M arm, which was set upto capitalise on the company's wealth of DBO experience water and wastewater projects, has carved out its own reputation with for employing best practices and rendering end-to-end services starting from day-to-day O&M, training,  documentation, through to technical support.Operation and maintenance activities:

    • Sewage-Treatment Plants;
    • WaterTPeatment Systems;
    • Pumpin Stations, Networks & Reservoirs.

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