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Construction of Pumping Station, associated Electro mechamcal Works along the new Jebel Ali Habab Road

Contractor: Eagle‎ ‎Electromechanical‎ ‎co‎.‎‎ ‎L‎.‎L‎.‎C‎.‎‎
Civil Contractor: Eagle‎ ‎Electromechanical‎ ‎co‎.‎‎ ‎L‎.‎L‎.‎C‎.‎‎
Client: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)
Consultant :     
Meecon Middle East Engineering Consultant
Construction of a 60 million gallon per day Pumping Station with associated works


CW 419 Pumping Station

The CW/419/2005 project at the new Jebel Ali Habab Road encompasses the construction of one (1) x 60 Million Gallon per day capacity Booster Pumping Station together with electromechanical works.

The electromechanical works includes the following:

Supply, construction, installation, testing, commissioning 8.. maintenance of all civil, electrical, instrumentation,

mechanical, SCADA &.. other electromechanical works&.. equipments. (i.e. Low Voltage Switchgear, Diesel Generators,  Pumps

& Motors, Flow meters, Pressure Transmitters, Valve, Water Quality Analyzers, UPS, PLC, etc. to enable control monitor the Pumping Station, including all interfacing works of Local SCADA to Master SCADA System at DEWA Head office). Construction of Pipe supports, thrust blocks, Valve chambers &..connections to new pipelines.


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